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Aramco Shares drop down

Aramco Stock Falls to Lowest Point

Aramco Stock price fell sharply since IPO on Gulf Market became available. Read more
Protesters hold signs behind Richard Fuld, chairman and chief executive of Lehman Brothers Holdings. Image: REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

10 years after the crash – Analysis

Ten years after the financial global financial crisis that made thousands of Americans homeless and millions of Europeans jobless, experts fear that a new crisis - even tougher - is just around the corner.
young renters now spending three times more on housing costs than their grandparents did. (image:

Why Britain’s ‘Generation Rent’ May Never Own Their Homes

Housing problems are reaching a crisis point for many of the UK millennials, with the goal of home ownership so prized by the British
This time automation and artificial intelligence are a game changer for your job. Read why.

The Rise and Rise of Automation

Opinions differ on just how much of an impact automation and AI will have on the global economy while investment in this area is not slowing down. Spending in automation  is expected to surge to almost $232bn by 2025 compared to an estimated $12.4bn today.
Aramco and Tesla Redefine What Stock Price Means

Aramco and Tesla Redefine What Stock Price Means

Aramco and Tesla may be companies from opposite ends of the spectrum, but their stock prices and valuations have very important core factors in common.
Bangers and mash might cost us a pretty penny post Brexit. Image:

How A No-Deal Brexit Could Impact UK Food Price and Quality

What Hard Brexit Could Mean For the UK Food Price and Industry. One major worry is the potentially chaotic impact on the UK’s food sector.

Fintech Explained: What it is, Where it’s Going, Why Forex Traders Care

Find out how Fintech is not only disrupting the financial industry has also caused an ongoing revolution in forex trading that many feels is still redefining the opportunity.
Ex-Google worker fears "killer robots" could cause mass atrocities

Former Google Engineer Warns on Killer Robots

A former Google engineer shared to the Guardian the risks of an ungoing project, called "Maven", commissioned by the U.S army to create killer robots.
Centre for Retail Research’s : "2018 will probably be the worst year for bad retail news since the recession in 2008, when Woolworths collapsed” (image:

Shopping Trends and the Challenges Facing UK Retailers – Crisis At Christmas?

What will Christmas 2018 bring for Britain's struggling retailers? We examine the latest aspects of online shopping, including omnichannel selling, personalisation and the use of AI.
Protester hold placards Saltires and EU flags during a demonstration to demand a vote on the Brexit deal between Britain and the European Union in Edinburgh Scotland

Brexit Red-Tape: Which Sectors Will Be Hit The Hardest?

As the UK’s business community anxiously follows Theresa May’s Brexit negotiations, a study has raised new concerns about the cost of trading tariffs after Britain leaves the EU.