Piper Terrett


Piper Terrett is a financial journalist and author. A former Financial Times Group journalist, she contributes to the’s Money section.  Freelance for 10 years, she has edited Yahoo! Finance UK’s small business website, contributed to Moneyweek, MSN Money and lectured in business writing at London Metropolitan University.

The author of three books, Piper also ran The Frugal Life, a popular moneysaving blog for MSN, during the financial crisis. Her new blog is about having new experiences since turning 40. Piper lives in Hertfordshire in the UK with her husband, toddler son, tabby cat and pet hens.

young renters now spending three times more on housing costs than their grandparents did. (image:

Housing problems are reaching a crisis point for many of the UK’s millennials, with the goal of home ownership so prized by the British increasingly out of reach. 40% of Britain’s millennials are unable to afford to buy the cheapest home for sale in their area.
Centre for Retail Research’s : "2018 will probably be the worst year for bad retail news since the recession in 2008, when Woolworths collapsed” (image:

What will Christmas 2018 bring for Britain's struggling retailers? We examine the latest aspects of online shopping, including omnichannel selling, personalisation and the use of AI.
Bangers and mash might cost us a pretty penny post Brexit. Image:

What Hard Brexit Could Mean For the UK Food Price and Industry. One major worry is the potentially chaotic impact on the UK’s food sector. The industry counts as the UK’s biggest manufacturing sector. Brexit could mean Major Disruption and Rotten Fruit.
A guests hold a report published by Britains Treasury on the economic impact of Brexit

The UK Government’s Brexit white paper has proved so controversial that both Britain’s Brexit and Foreign secretaries resigned last week, but what could it mean for the British economy?
Businessman Is Signing A Legal Document In Office

Three quarters of British consumers have committed to financial agreements without checking the terms and conditions, new research claims.
A doctor holds her stethoscope in an outpatients ward at a hospital in London

Britain’s health secretary Jeremy Hunt says the new NHS app is a “70th birthday gift” to Britons that will “revolutionise” how they access GP services and eliminate the “8am scramble” for doctors’ appointments. But critics claim otherwise.
A shopper pushes a trolley in a supermarket in London

Deal or no deal, leaving the EU will hike bills for British consumers and hit company profitability, says a new report. Brexit could leave Britain’s households up to £1,000 a year worse off.
Britains Prime Minister Theresa May delivers a speech about her vision for Brexit at Mansion House in London

Theresa May’s fragile minority Government has won a key vote in the continuing row over who gets the final say over Brexit.
The London Taxi Company (LTC) on Wednesday restarted production of the famous black cab six months after the business was saved by Chinese car maker Geely back in 2013.

Geely, the Chinese owner of the famous London black cab, recently launched its new electric model, the TX, onto the streets of London.
Clothes are displayed at a Marks and Spencer store in central London, Britain

No British retailer seems immune from pressures of online as Marks & Spencer and now Tesco close stores and websites, but is this really the death knell for bricks and mortar shops?