Stay on top of the latest Brexit news so you won’t miss a beat as the United Kingdom and the European Union prepare to separate and then implement those decisions. Learn about the effects on regulations, large industries, employment, immigration and the way these changes will impact how you go about your everyday life.
Britains Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union Dominic Raab leaves Downing Street in Westminster London

Brexit Secretary David Davis resigned on Sunday night, followed by Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, who resigned on Monday as Dominic Raab replaced Davis.
lassic Red Austin Mini motor car parked on Felixstowe seafront promenade

Thousands of jobs and a decade of growth in the motor industry are being jeopardised by an absence of government clarity on the UK's Brexit arrangements.
Britains Prime Minister Theresa May addresses the Confederation of British Industrys (CBI) annual conference in London

Leaders of UK and EU unions and businesses are calling for improved negotiation pace and results from the British government and European Commission.
Pedestrians walk through the Canary Wharf business district in London.

Overseas workers have a higher opinion of London than any other city as a place they would like to work, but the same cannot be said about the UK as a whole, which has fallen in the ranks.
A shopper pushes a trolley in a supermarket in London

Deal or no deal, leaving the EU will hike bills for British consumers and hit company profitability, says a new report. Brexit could leave Britain’s households up to £1,000 a year worse off.
Britains Prime Minister Theresa May delivers a speech about her vision for Brexit at Mansion House in London

Theresa May’s fragile minority Government has won a key vote in the continuing row over who gets the final say over Brexit.
The British Prime Minister Theresa May appears in a program at the Sky Studios, London.

Last week, investor George Soros published a plan to reverse the UK’s EU exit. It has ignited a debate among Britain's political spectrum over the terms of Brexit.
An unidentified shoppers browses empty shelves in a supermarket.

A “doomsday” worst case scenario of Brexit with no deal could cause U.K. supermarkets to run out of food in as little as two days and run hospitals out of medicine in weeks.
Thousands turn out for the national demonstration in central London, to defend the NHS against government cuts, closures and privatisation.

A new report has shown that every U.K. household may have to pay up to £2,000 more just to be able to keep the NHS afloat amid rising costs and a growing aging population.
The National Crime Agency headquarters in London

The National Crime agency partnered with other law enforcement agencies for an assessment determining that crime could skyrocket following Brexit, including money laundering and organised crime.