Stay on top of the latest Brexit news so you won’t miss a beat as the United Kingdom and the European Union prepare to separate and then implement those decisions. Learn about the effects on regulations, large industries, employment, immigration and the way these changes will impact how you go about your everyday life.
    UK Stocks Returning to Health

    London-listed stock prices have been rapidly climbing since the election, for the best growth UK markets have seen since the EU exit referendum.
    MPs will vote on Thursday on delaying Brexit

    The two next days are going to be crucial for the terms of Brexit, while it is supposed to take in effect in only 16 days.
    As Brexit Deadline Approches, British Economy Stalls

    Brexit's countdown has started: on March 29th, the United Kingdom will withdraw from the European Union. Brexit's countdown has started: on March 29th, the United Kingdom will withdraw from the European Union. While markets are plummeting, other industries are predicted to be deeply affected by Brexit.
    Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May sits with members of her cabinet

    What is diplomacy, but the art of negotiating? In one of the most ground-breaking decisions a country has ever made since the creation of the European Union, the United Kingdom and its leaders are playing hard to pull every negotiating string they can, in order to avoid a no-deal Brexit. 
    Will Brexit result in more Skype families?

    Are separated families on the rise in the United Kingdom? As a result of Brexit, thousands of spouses had to leave the country indefinitely in 2012. Numbers have only increased since Brexit was voted and that the rule was extended to non-European spouses.
    If the U.K. is able to reach a deal with the E.U. the prime minister is still required to convince her party and the rest of Parliament to vote in favor of the deal. (image:

    Senior Ministers have agreed to come to a Brexit agreement by the end of November, while establishing a strategy to ensure British Parliament and citizens will support it.
    A protester stands outside Cuadrilla's Preston Road fracking site near Blackpool, Britain, October 22, 2018. (image: REUTERS/Hannah McKay)

    Cuadrilla was required to temporarily halt its fracking operations in Lancashire as a result of earthquakes related to the shale gas drilling and that required an immediate “red light”.
    Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May: "Brexit deal between the U.K. and the E.U. is still achievable and not far apart.” (image: REUTERS/Francois Lenoir)

    British PM Theresa May sent Dominic Raab to Brussels following her dramatic decision to “disengage”, after which the EU gave the UK one day to settle its Brexit position.

    Coinbase CEO Zeeshan Feroz announced that the cryptocurrency exchange would open offices in Dublin while keeping its headquarters in London, in preparation for a possible hard Brexit.
    Bangers and mash might cost us a pretty penny post Brexit. Image:

    What Hard Brexit Could Mean For the UK Food Price and Industry. One major worry is the potentially chaotic impact on the UK’s food sector.