Stay on top of the latest Brexit news so you won’t miss a beat as the United Kingdom and the European Union prepare to separate and then implement those decisions. Learn about the effects on regulations, large industries, employment, immigration and the way these changes will impact how you go about your everyday life.
hard brexit

Brexit is back in the news as talks of putting it into action have had a large impact on the pound and the global economy.
After the Brexit Vote - Alvexo

The global economy faces an uncertain future after the Brexit vote, shown in recent shaky results from U.K. banks which seem to be pointing in one direction

Voters in the UK are preparing for a historic vote on whether or not to leave the EU. The Sun recently fully backed the proposal to leave the EU.
How Brexit Will Affect UK Businesses 10 Possible Outcomes

As we move closer to the 2017 referendum that might redefine UK’s relationship with her EU neighbors, many businesses and investors are very uptight.