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The Trump administration said Iran was most likely behind the attacks on Saudi Arabian oil facilities Saturday,

While Washington hints that Iran might have been under the attack that happened in Saudi Arabia this weekend, oil stocks have reached historial highs.
Russian Credit Cards Owners Reaches All-Time Debt

While Consumers in Russia are discovering credit cards, only half of them succeed to reimburse payments on time. High interest rates only makes it worse.
why value investors have been eyeing Barclays stock?

Barclays’ stock has drawn considerable attention from value investors following a tough 2018. Find out why 2019 looks much more promising.
Yuan moves against the dollar amid US-China trade turmoil

After the year-long trade war between China and the United States, analysts are worried that a 'currency war' might spark between the two countriess.
Hong Kong protests: Political crisis may become economic

Hong Kong is undergoing an unprecedented crisis that might hinder its economy and on a larger scale, participate to a global recession, analysts say.
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Modeled after Nasdaq, will China's Star Market stocks attract confidence?

Star Market, the new Shanghai's new science and technology equities market just launched successfully in China. Aimed for tech companies, its intent is to surpass Nasdaq.
Cybersecurity: Russia's Secret Intelligence Agency Hacked

More than 7.5 terabytes of data belonging to a FSB contractor was hacked last weekend in Russia. As the data was shared to the BBC, it showed that the FSB was secretly planning to cut Russia's Internet from the rest of world - and banning main social media, such as Facebook and Linkedin.
US Congress look to legalize pot in 'historic' marijuana reform hearing

While agriculture numbers' in the United States remain grim, marijuana turns out to be a great option for states which have already legalized it. Two weeks ago, US Congress had a session to push in favor for its legalization across the country.
US opened an investigation into French digital tax on tech giants

Will France have to pass on its GAFA tax? The US chamber of Commerce is getting involved and has started an investigation.