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Amazon removes accounts and vendors

Amazon decided to change its policy with vendors for 24h, before tracking back.
Carlos Ghosn ongoing saga

Carlos Ghosn was one of the most powerful man in the car manufacturing in the world. After he successfully managed the transition of the merge between Renault, Nissan and Mitsubishi, he might now face 20 years in jail.
New Tariff Trade Wars With India and Turkey

After China, Turkey and India will be banned from preferential trade agreements that the United States has put in place decades ago. On the short term, this will be beneficial for jobs in America, but it might deeply hinder the global economy.
Trump and Kim Jong Un in Vietnam

U.S President Donald Trump meets with North Korea leader Kim Jong Un for the second time in less than a year. This time, they will meet in Vietnam, where trade deal are done, despite a palpable tension between the two.
Wall Street’s Top Traders Launch "Members Exchange"

Will "Members Exchange" change the way investors see New York markets? With its new approach, this new platform is planning to overpower the "old houses" of Dow Jones, Nasdaq and NYSE.
Saudi Arabia plans to develop his hunt for oil and gas

Saudi Arabia is set to expand its extractions plans abroad for oil and gas. While the kingdom has been signing new deals in Asia, western countries worry about Saudi's regime. 
The richest people on earth make £2 billion per day

A new study published by Oxfam showed that the top 26 wealthiest people in the world have as much money as the 3.8 billion poorest on Earth, at £1.1trillion. 

Crypto company had some bad news to reveal to its clients on Monday. Quadriga CX's CEO Gerald Cotten passed away, while he was the only one to know a password that was able to unlock US $200 million.

After three months of tariffs imposed on a total than more $300 million of good the United States and the Popular Republic of China have agreed to meet this week.
A man walks past an exchange bureau advertisement showing images of the US dollar in Cairo

After the Black Thursday in 1928, the world might have lived a "Black Christmas", experts report. On Christmas Eve, dollar fell 0.39% to 110.12 yen on Christmas Day, showing the lowest level since August 2018.