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Commodity prices closely monitored

Will the recent trend in commodity prices continue?

Commodities are closely watched by experts, concerned that a potential generalized inflation could influences commodity prices.
Amazon’s revenue is growing in 2021, as the coronavirus recedes

Amazon Revenue Keeps on Growing in 2021

Although the coronavirus pandemic might be a thing of the past, Amazon profits keep on growing, thanks to streaming services and new technologies.
In China, Alibaba’s Situation Sounds Like A Warning

Is Alibaba’s Status a Warning to China’s Giants?

Alibaba just received a heavy fine for “abusing” the market for years, according to the Chinese government. According to the BBC, it is a strong signal.
Airlines are shifting more to green energies

A Year After COVID, Airlines Are Pushing for Green Energies

In 2020, air traffic dropped by 80%, thus forcing airlines such as United Airlines and younger start-ups to shift to greener solutions.
Lyft Shares Alarming Revenue for 2020

Lyft’s Revenue Hit Hard by COVID Plunged 44%

Covid has left Lyft with a terrible loss for 2020, resulting in a plunge of 44% for 2020 Q4. However, 2021 and reopenings could offer better results.
Streaming Market Set to Become Major in 2021

The New Streaming Giants War

Since sources of entertainment are limited, streaming has become the main source of entertainment in many countries in the world.
Why GameStop’s stock surge is shaking Wall Street

GameStop & Reddit Traders: A War on Wall Street

Millennials have decided to bet on GameStop, a dying share on the markets, in order to counter predict Wall Street analysts.
Water Is now Listed On The Nasdaq

Is Water the New Blue Gold?

Water is now a market value traded and sold on the Chicago Stock Exchange via Nasdaq NQH20. It should become one of the trendiest stock in 2021.
S&P Completion Index Was Up 30% in 2020

S&P Completion Index Is Trending

S&P Completion is a new index launched under-the-radar by Standard and Poor’s. It went up 30% in 2020.
Copper had an exceptional year in 2020.

Copper At His Highest Since 2014

While traditional markets have been in turmoil, precious metals have shown strong signs of growth, copper in particular. 2021 should be even better.

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