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After three months of tariffs imposed on a total than more $300 million of good the United States and the Popular Republic of China have agreed to meet this week.
A man walks past an exchange bureau advertisement showing images of the US dollar in Cairo

After the Black Thursday in 1928, the world might have lived a "Black Christmas", experts report. On Christmas Eve, dollar fell 0.39% to 110.12 yen on Christmas Day, showing the lowest level since August 2018.
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January seems like a little agitated already... After the U.S dollar dropped dramatically on Christmas Eve, making the yen a strong currency to invest on, Japan's Nikkei has shown their lowest levels in 20 months. 
Traders work on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange

While the holiday season is traditionally a festive period for families, friends and a good push for the economy and consuming power in general, the markets were exceptionally grim. 
Migrant workers pick grapes at Chapel Down Winery's Kit's Coty vineyard in Aylesford, Kent (image: REUTERS/Dylan Martinez)

💰 A new CIPD and Adecco Group report showed an increasing skilled worker shortage in the United Kingdom, and recruitment and retention challenges will worsen as migrant workers decrease.
The largest High Street lender in Britain is undergoing a reorganization in order to better serve customers who prefer online banking to brick-and-mortar branches. (REUTERS/Toby Melville)

Lloyds Banking Group announced its plans to eliminate 6,240 jobs but will create 8,240 new ones during a digital services overhaul to better serve customers online and over mobile.
This is far from the first time the 88 year old investor has taken part in share repurchasing. (image:

Warren Buffett bought back nearly $1 billion in Berkshire Hathaway shares at a time when it has been nearly a year since the company has acquired another business.
Elon Musk has brought his stake of the Tesla company to about 20 percent. (image: REUTERS/Patrick T. Fallon)

Elon Musk has just purchased an additional $10 million in Tesla shares, said a filing this week, which also announced his plan to buy another $20 million worth next week.
Angela Merkel: “As chancellor and leader of the CDU, I’m politically responsible for everything, for successes and for failures”. (image: REUTERS/Hannibal Hanschke)

Germany calls her "Mutti", an affectionate word for "mum". For more than 13 years, Angela Merkel has been the German Chancellor, the highest executive role in the country. She has also been the main political leader of Europe, and the cement between territories - especially since the Brexit vote.
In the United States and Canada, growth remained flat. In Europe the number of daily users fell. (image:

Facebook’s daily user growth is slowing down according to the company’s latest figures. The firm’s newly released data also revealed that the company has missed its revenue forecasts.