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China injects billions as economy slows and investors turn to crypto

As China's economy is slowing down, investors are moving to cryptocurrency, especially Tether, available on Ethereum's blockchain.
Facebook began testing a new home for news called Facebook News in United States

Facebook launched a news platform that immediately sparked controversy as alt-right media Breitbart was featured on the tab from day one.
Tesla posted a surprise Q3 profit

Tesla showed surprising good results for its third quarter in 2019. Although sales plummeted in the United States, China sales have risen and in Europe.
Tiffany: LVMH offers to buy jewelry icon

French luxury group LVMH could buy US jewelry group Tiffany & Co reported Bloomberg last Saturday. This could become LVMH's biggest transaction since 1837.
MasterCard, Visa and others abandon Facebook's Crypto Libra

Facebook's future cryptocurrency, Libra, might be
After series of IPO crashes, Silicon Valley investors call a summit to rethink the IPO business

Wall Street and the Silicon Valley are slowly getting to direct listing instead of traditional IPOs, more beneficial for shareholders.
Purdue Pharma files for bankruptcy in the US

Purdue Pharma, the OxyContin-maker pharmaceutical company and owned by the Sackler family in the United States, has filed for bankruptcy last week.
The Trump administration said Iran was most likely behind the attacks on Saudi Arabian oil facilities Saturday,

While Washington hints that Iran might have been under the attack that happened in Saudi Arabia this weekend, oil stocks have reached historial highs.
Russian Credit Cards Owners Reaches All-Time Debt

While Consumers in Russia are discovering credit cards, only half of them succeed to reimburse payments on time. High interest rates only makes it worse.
why value investors have been eyeing Barclays stock?

Barclays’ stock has drawn considerable attention from value investors following a tough 2018. Find out why 2019 looks much more promising.