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Coronavirus effects China economy

Coronavirus could deeply affect markets worlwide, especially in Asia, but also hindering industrial countries such as Germany.
Elder people express difficulties with technologies

Davos Forum latest report shows that AI is taking a U-turn, widening wealth inequalities in the most developed countries in the world, while creating jobs.
Google headquarters offices in London close to St Pancras International and Kings Cross train stations

Silicon Valley is living its heydays: with giant tech Google celebrating its Alaphabet's trillion dollar valuation, tech shares have been soaring.
Electric cars

Electric cars have become a sustainable trend, however companies that are making speicalized detached pieces have become the key interest of experts.
Bank of England

The Bank of England announced the launch of skilled person reviews investigations of US banks such as Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley for reporting habits.
Green Finance perspectives in 2020

Green finance has undergone a promising 2019 year and might become the best sector to invest in this year, report experts.
Gold Prices

Gold prices peaked in 2019, reaching new highs for ounces as well as bars, due to an uncertain global geopolitical situation and dropping interest rates.
Aramco Shares drop down

Aramco Stock price fell sharply since IPO on Gulf Market became available. Read more
China says it will continue opening up financial markets

China said it would open some of its financial secotrs to foreign investors, however Beijing seems decided to have its liberalization on its own terms.
EU Emissions Rules

New EU Emissions Rules go into effect on 1 January 2020 and are likely to bring mega-fines to major car manufacturers.