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Job market slowdown in US

Is the U.S economy slowing down? According to Glassdoor's latest report, there are less job opportunities and a weaker media wage.
India offers a perfect test market for many Silicon Valley companies

India is becoming the hot spots for fintech from all around the world - not only for the Silicon Valley to test a product, but also for investors to commit to local companies.
The Boeing 737 Max crisis

Boeing is facing a new backlash as the U.S FAA confirmed its 737 MAX planes would have to stay grounded longer than planned in order to fix the CMAS' glitch on its plane's software that caused the death of more than 300 people this year.
the revenue for 2019 will be around $100 billion for Huawei in 2019

Huawei is undergoing serious losses a year after the US-China trade war started. On top of this, expanded tariffs to more than $300 billion goods will likely only worsen its financial results for the year, analysts reported.
Russian Dirty Oil Scandal

In April, 5 million tonnes of Russian oil was contaminated with organic chloride, sending global oil prices skyward in a scandal expected to continue for months.
11. TransferWise New Fintech Company

TransferWise has proven itself to be an explosive European fintech start-up. It recently doubled its valuation as it raised an additional $3.5 billion in its latest round of fundraising.
The rise of dirty money in Europe

According to financial experts, dirty money is on the rise in Europe where money laundering has peaked for the past few years.
Do Tech companies want to control every aspect of what we do, for profit?

With a new age of data collection, it seems that capitalism is entering a new era where users lack of privacy protection, while their data is monetized. A new kind of economy called “surveillance capitalism”.
China-Africa Trade

Africa has the biggest number of Chinese manufactured smartphone owners in the world. While the US-China trade war escalates, experts consider it is only a matter of time before the United States pressure Africa to switch its preferences.
Recession on the horizon if trade war US-China escalates

According to specialists, a "Trump recession" is on its way. From a ban to Huawei products to Canada's recession, it seems that the U.S trade decisions might have consequences on the world's economical health.