US Congress Held Sessions to Pass new Marijuana Laws

BusinessUS Congress Held Sessions to Pass new Marijuana Laws

US Congress Held Sessions to Pass new Marijuana Laws

Earlier this month, the Senate of the United States have ordered a session about the legalization of marijuana in the whole country. The goal was to showcase the potential economical growth the legalization would provide.

As taken in examples, Colorado and California’s GDP have peaked since the legalization of recreational use. As it turned out, lawmakers and lobbyists disagreed on several aspects of the topic – making it difficult to go to the next stage in order to pass new laws, experts analyzed. 

During the session, called “Marijuana Laws in America: Racial Justice and the Need for Reform”,  Chairman Ms. Bass reminded the audience that in 2017, over 600,000 arrests in the United States were related to Marijuana. If the law passes, not only it could help the US economy grow, but it could also create jobs.

Marijuana has a racial impact

Does marijuana have a racial impact? Yes, according to Democrat Karen Bass, who was the Chairwoman of the session.

“Since the start of the war against drugs by former president Nixon, the impact of this war on blak and latino communities has been severely disproportionate. The war on drugs was biased from its inception and has been carried out in a discriminatory fashion”, declared Bass ho is also the Chair of the Black Congressional Caucus.

She also reminded the audience that more than 600,000 arrests in the United States are related to marijuana every year, causing “disastrous consequences within the Black and the latino communities”.

Therefore, Bass right upfront stood in favor of marijuana’s legalization and reforms. First arm of persuasion: hemp’s economical impact.

Marijuana helps local economy

It is no secret that marijuana is a booming economy in the United States. According to numbers shared by Business Insider, sales have generated more than $52 billion for only the first half of the year, while its job openings soared by 76%.

For example, Colorado’s economy, which was the first state to legalize marijuana’s recreational use, has boomed and surpassed some countries, reports confirmed.

As the 2018 report of the Colorado Department of Revenue was released, the state confirmed that its local dispensaries sold about $1.3 billion in marijuana, thus generating more than $200 million in taxes.

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Marijuana is a versatile produce

Moreover, witnesses have reinforced the importance of hemp’s versatile use. With the rising trend of veganism, hemp is also a good alternative to dairy products and meat protein.

Moreover, these alternatives can turn out beneficial for the agricultural industry in the United States, while many farmers have gone under bankruptcy and still have not recovered from the 2008 financial crisis.

Since 2008, more than 200,000 farms have closed in the country and the number is on the rise; legalizing marijuana could be a great option for the economy and ensuring a future to thousands of farmers.

“We need to ensure these new opportunities in hemp production are fair and equitable for all farmers”, declared Debbie Stabenow, U.S. Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry during the session.

So far, 10 states have legalized recreational use and 33 its medicinal consumption.


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