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    Tesla Invests in $1.5 Billion, pushing prices to new high

    Tesla has announced he will invest in Bitcoin to the value of $1.5 Billion, pushing prices to new highs. The price jumped 17% to $44,220.
    Facebook's planned Libra cryptocurrency would have to convince financial regulators it has high privacy standards.

    Facebook recently unveiled Libra, its anticipated cryptocurrency, a Bitcoin rival which will be managed by the Libra Association, which is headquartered in Switzerland.
    bitcoin going up

    Bitcoin’s revival has triggered strong gains from the top tier of cryptocurrencies as mainstream institutional investors include them in their portfolios.
    Blockchain CEO Peter Smith: “We’re excited to add an entirely new way for users to get their first crypto. By growing the Blockchain community, we can help more people own and control their financial future.” (

    Blockchain cryptocurrency wallet has announced it will hold an airdrop that will give 30 million users a total of $125 million worth of Stellar digital coins to help promote widespread use.
    Bitcoin was among the many cryptocurrencies that experienced a widespread growth at the start of the week. (image:

    The top 20 cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum and DASH, all started the week with an increase in their prices, with a rise of between 1 and over 5 percent.
    UK aims to broaden its regulatory scope of digital products that have the potential for “illicit activity" (image:

    A new report by the finance ministry, Bank of England, and Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) said Great Britain must improve its regulation of cryptocurrencies and ban those that pose the risk.

    Coinbase CEO Zeeshan Feroz announced that the cryptocurrency exchange would open offices in Dublin while keeping its headquarters in London, in preparation for a possible hard Brexit.
    Tylor and Cameron Winklevoss still believe in Bitcoin's potential. Image: REUTERS/Lucas Jackson

    The Winklevoss twins are still bullish about Bitcoin’s future and are preparing to make the first moves to bring their Gemini Trust Company cryptocurrency exchange to the United Kingdom.
    Nicky Morgan: "This unregulated industry leaves investors facing numerous risks.”

    The UK Treasury Committee released a report this week in which it sought to regulate the “Wild West” of the cryptocurrency industry in order to protect consumers and prevent money laundering.

    China issued a warning against cryptocurrency speculation in its latest effort to stop trading of yuan against digital currencies, even as it continues to support blockchain tech development.