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Despite the mild recovery Bitcoin prices experienced in July following two months of declines, the price will continue to grow but not at a rate that will reach 10k by 2018’s close, said a new report.
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More than 800 digital coins are now worthless, drawing comparisons with the dotcom bubble that burst in 2000, leaving tech stock investors nursing heavy losses.

Since the start of 2018, Bitcoin’s price has crashed several times as a result of several events, including the publication of a recent study into market manipulation.
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Blockchain advocates say its promise of data security makes it as an answer to companies' GDPR headaches. Critics warn it could add to them.
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The world’s richest people have been quick to criticize bitcoin, but the technology that supports the digital currency could help the world’s poorest get access to financial services.
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Federal regulators in the United States are examining the nature of Ethereum and are working to decide whether it should be regulated as a form of security within that country.

Regulatory trash-talk and moves to prevent the facilitation of financial crimes and the laundering of money by cyber criminals, has contributed to the tanking price of cryptocurrencies

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro claims the petro drew $735 million in pre-sales on its first day, despite the fact that he didn't have any evidence to support this claim.
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While the traditional banking and credit card industry typically hesitate to work with the increased risk associated with sex related products, cryptocurrency like Bitcoin and Ethereum might change that in the future.
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The massive WeMakePrice (also known as Wempu) e-commerce platform is working with Bithumb to integrate 12 different cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, into its platform as a payment method.