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cryptocurrencys Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum

Ethereum's price managed to break its own record, reaching $450.23, representing an increase of more than 5,000 percent over the start of the year.
Bitcoin laying on stacked gold bars gold ingots bars

A famous gold fund has revealed its intentions to start investing in Bitcoin as a part of an overall strategy to reinvest in gold and silver once more.
Hand holding a single ether or ethereum coin over bitcoins on gold background to illustrate blockchain and cyber currency

A recent developer error permanently locked down £200 million worth of Ethereum cryptocurrency and there has yet to be a plan for recovering the funds.
Amazon website homepage

The registration of 3 cryptocurrency related sites by Amazon creates speculations on a new currency or other strategies plans for the mega corporate.
Wolf of Wall Street Nominated Best Picture at the 86th Academy Awards Nominations

Jordan Belfort, the trader behind The Wolf of Wall Street, recently called digital currencies and ICOs scams that are much worse that what he was jailed for.
Hands of three financial traders gripping bitcoin against a background of rising prices for the currency

Authorities worldwide are introducing regulations for cryptocurrencies trading, in an effort to bring stability and remove uncertainty in the market.
Bitcoin Golden Value

One Bitcoin is now worth more than $3,000, breaking the previous record and showing the cryptocurrency’s sustainability.
the art of cryptocurrencies

Instead of only being able to use cryptocurrencies like bitcoin online, a start-up now offers a credit card that instantly converts it to real currencies.

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