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Facebook's planned Libra cryptocurrency would have to convince financial regulators it has high privacy standards.

Facebook recently unveiled Libra, its anticipated cryptocurrency, a Bitcoin rival which will be managed by the Libra Association, which is headquartered in Switzerland.

Find out how Fintech is not only disrupting the financial industry has also caused an ongoing revolution in forex trading that many feels is still redefining the opportunity.
Women only occupy 25 percent of the top jobs in the US

While automation is right around the corner in the work place, salary gender gap is widening. Experts are offering new solutions to resolve this disparity between men and women at work.

Starbucks might be one of the most popular American companies in the world for its coffee, but it might become even more famous in the political landscape as its ex-CEO, Howard Schultz, announced last he will run for 2020.

On January 21st, the United States will enter its second month into the longest shutdown of the country, facing a possible national emergency. 

After three months of tariffs imposed on a total than more $300 million of good the United States and the Popular Republic of China have agreed to meet this week.
Apple Store and iPhone history

Apple, once the biggest smartphone manufacturer in the world might face some hard times this year as its weak results, publicly shared a few weeks ago, shocked the public eye. Since October, Apple's stock has fallen 36%.
A man walks past an exchange bureau advertisement showing images of the US dollar in Cairo

After the Black Thursday in 1928, the world might have lived a "Black Christmas", experts report. On Christmas Eve, dollar fell 0.39% to 110.12 yen on Christmas Day, showing the lowest level since August 2018.
Business Stock Exchange Trading Concepts

January seems like a little agitated already... After the U.S dollar dropped dramatically on Christmas Eve, making the yen a strong currency to invest on, Japan's Nikkei has shown their lowest levels in 20 months. 
Traders work on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange

While the holiday season is traditionally a festive period for families, friends and a good push for the economy and consuming power in general, the markets were exceptionally grim.