UK to Get its First Sharia-Compliant Airline

BusinessUK to Get its First Sharia-Compliant Airline

UK to Get its First Sharia-Compliant Airline

Self-made businessman, Kazi Shafiqur Rahman, to launch Great Birtain’s first sharia-compliant airline.

The airline will feature modest dress for female staff, no alcohol and Islamic in-flight meals.

“Halal Richard Branson”

Kazi Shafiqur Rahman refers to himself as the “halal Richard Branson.” The 32 year-old self-made businessman is undertaking a bold move in the airline industry. He is launching a new “sharia-compliant” airline, a first in Great Britain.

Sharia-compliance means that the airline will follow a number of traditional Islamic rules. These rules will mean that the female staff at the airline will be dressed modestly. Alcohol will not be sold during flights, moreover, Islamic in-flight meals will be served.

British First

While there are a few sharia-compliant airlines in other countries around the world, Rahman’s company will be the first in Great Britain. The airline will be called Firnas Airways and its creation will described in an upcoming U.K. documentary.

The documentary follows Rahman throughout his journey to launch the company. Rahman, born in Bangladesh, is a practising Muslum and father of one child. “There’s a huge communication issue when it comes to Islam, sharia, halal and things like this,” he explained. “But as an entrepreneur I feel passionate about it and it’s also my faith.”

“If I was going to do something then why would I do something I don’t agree with or believe in?” he added.

Self-Made Businessman

Rahman, now from London’s East End, moved to Great Britain from Bangladesh in 1997, when he was 11 years old. He completed his school with one GCSE and took his first job at London City airport as a toilet cleaner, a job he took very seriously, having even worn a suit to the interview.

Over the years, Rahman looked to the skies and never stopped. It wasn’t long before he had launched his perfume company, Sannamusk. That was the brand that took him to his astounding success for which he is known today.

Following a Dream

That said, for the last two and a half years, he has placed his focus on his biggest dream, which is starting his own airline. While this is a tremendous challenge at the best of times, Rahman has some added challenges on top of the typical hurdles as he hasn’t any industry experience and is determined to follow his religious morals.

Veteran aviation consultant, John Brayford, is Rahman’s chief advisor. He has expressed concern over the business feasibility right from the beginning. “If you look at the airlines around the world that don’t serve alcohol, there’s not one of them which can be considered successful,” he stated.

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