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Sussex mixed cow eats in a cattle shed at a farm in south west Britain. Image: REUTERS/Toby Melville

UK food prices are rising sharply due to extreme weather trends, and British consumers will continue seeing rising prices for the next 18 months, said a new CEBR report.
Property sale signs are seen outside of a group of newly built houses in west London. REUTERS/Toby Melville

London’s falling home prices were the primary driver behind the overall slowing housing price trend throughout the United Kingdom, says ONS data.
Four colleagues in reflective vests leaving a warehouse

A workplace experiment conducted by a company in New Zealand has found that employees who work four-day weeks are more productive and less stressed.
A range of various cheeses on sale in an Aldi store in London

EU farmers co-op, Arla, commissioned an LSE Consulting study showing certain dairy products such as yoghurt, cheese, butter, and infant formula may become “occasional luxuries” after Brexit.
Anonymous shoppers walking down busy London shopping street

Millionaires and billionaires are using a new program to apply for special investment visas in Great Britain, as the number choosing the country’s Tier 1 program rises by 46 percent.
Businessman Is Signing A Legal Document In Office

Three quarters of British consumers have committed to financial agreements without checking the terms and conditions, new research claims.
A doctor holds her stethoscope in an outpatients ward at a hospital in London

Britain’s health secretary Jeremy Hunt says the new NHS app is a “70th birthday gift” to Britons that will “revolutionise” how they access GP services and eliminate the “8am scramble” for doctors’ appointments. But critics claim otherwise.
Couple managing the debt with tax papers

A new BOXT study showed that people in the United Kingdom are paying over £400 every year in travel, event tickets, and insurance company fees and hidden charges.
A shopper pushes a trolley in a supermarket in London

Deal or no deal, leaving the EU will hike bills for British consumers and hit company profitability, says a new report. Brexit could leave Britain’s households up to £1,000 a year worse off.
Britains Prime Minister Theresa May signs the cast of patient Jade Myers 15 of London who broke her leg falling off a wall during a visit the Royal Free Hospital in London

British Prime Minister Theresa May has refused to say exactly how taxes will be raised in order to cover the promised £20 billion per year NHS boost.