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New Year celebrations in The London Eye on the River Thames

New Year’s resolutions are notoriously hard to keep, but did you know that doing so could also cost you nearly £5,000 on average?
People walk along a corridor in the Natural History Museum

Each annual intake of overseas students brought £22.6 billion of economic benefits to the UK through tuition and accommodation fees, and other spending throughout their studies.
March 4th March for the NHS. A march was held today by ordinary people who are very angry and concerned about cuts to the National Health Service.

With the UK's National Health Service 'teetering on the brink of collapse', some NHS trusts are investing in smart machines to improve patient care and cut costs. But there are growing concerns around miss-spent money and security breaches
People arrive and depart from Broadcasting House the headquarters of the BBC in London

BBC senior editor Carrie Gracie has resigned in protest of the "secretive and illegal" salary system at the network which she claims pays male journalists more than females in similar posts.
British marriage certificate, old British passport and new British European passport

Great Britain will begin issuing passports in the older blue and gold coloured covers as of October 2019, marking another change that will take place along with its exit from the European Union.
The Royal Yacht Britannia is seen as it sits in a dry dock at Forth Ports in Edinburgh

Fifty British MPs wrote a letter to PM Theresa May's cabinet members, encouraging them to launch a lottery that would raise the funds necessary for the design, building and maintenance of a new Royal Yacht Britannia.
People shopping in Asda supermarket, one of the biggest chains of supermarkets in United Kingdom.

Britain’s Brexit divorce payment to the EU could double to £40bn, but how much could leaving Europe cost the average British family?
Vince Cable speaks after being named as the new leader of Britains Liberal Democrat Party in London

Sir Vince Cable claims cash injection is enough to bring the nation's ailing health service back from the brink of collapse.
Ron Wood and Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones perform during the bands first concert of the No Fi

With post-Brexit border controls still to be settled, the UK music industry fears visa restrictions will deprive artists of vital live performance earnings.
Back view of man presenting to students at a lecture theatre

Universities are coming under pressure to retain their key overseas staff following the country’s decision to sever links with Brussels in upcoming Brexit.