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Women Only Taxi Service Launching to Protect Females Against Sexual Abuse

Chariot for Women is a new taxi company whose goal is to protect women from sexual assault by using only female taxi drivers and serving only females.
New Waze Feature Attempts to Rein in Speeders

Waze has added a new feature to its popular navigation app that warns drivers when they're speeding. Critics claim the app helps speeders avoid speed traps.
Microsoft Retires Chat Bot After Racist Rant

Microsoft's chat bot, which mimics females aged 18-24, received a warm welcome from netizens, but very quickly she was praising Hitler and attacking women.
BMW Racing Towards Self-Driving Cars

BMW has announced a total revamp of their high-end vehicles allowing drivers to sit back and let the car drive itself.
Alvexo_Blog Beijing 020316

Beijing has pushed New York out of the first place in the list of cities that host billionaires. The Chinese capital has 100 billionaires, five more than New York.
Alvexo_Blog Student 240216

While outstanding student debt is growing by leaps and bounds, only a small segment of the borrowers might manage to repay these debts.
Alvexo_Blog Biohacking 180116

Biohacking, what is it and who is doing it? Invest in the future and push boundaries. Learn how biohacking is changing the future and human capabilities.
Alvexo Blog Online Shopping

Shoppers are avoiding crowded stores and keeping a safe distance with online shopping. Now retail stores must compete or fall to the waist side.
Alvexo Blog Women Traders

It is often assumed that online traders are men, however that is now proving to be wrong. Many women are trading on the financial markets and succeeding.
Alvexo Financial Planning

A difference in financial perspectives between partners in a couple is a hard thing to overcome. Read what Alvexo has to say about financial planning.