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graduation ceremony at Portsmouth University on July 20, 2015 in Portsmouth, UK

British MPs have hit out at the UK Government for using a "flawed" measure to work out interest rates on student loan repayments.
inside McDonalds restaurant McDonalds is an American hamburger and fast food restaurant chain

The 2010 Affordable Care Act – also known as Obamacare – now requires all food service chains with over 20 locations to print calories, sodium and fat content on menus and food boards.
Property sale signs are seen outside of a group of newly built houses in west London

The London housing crisis has reached the point that many workers are being forced to leave their jobs because they can’t afford to live within reach of their employers.
Britains Catherine the Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William leave the Lindo Wing of St Marys Hospital with their new baby boy in London

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge now have a healthy baby boy, whose name has yet to be announced, but who has become fifth in line for the British throne.
White GuanYin statue in Nanshan Buddhist Cultural Park Sanya Hainan Island China

Tropical paradise Hainan is the key proving ground for China's "green reforms": from a ban on fossil-fuel cars to rules to preserve natural beauty and native wildlife.
An active gray-haired senior working in his studio (1)

Many people, even those approaching retirement age, have underestimated how long they will live, thereby causing themselves to have saved inadequately to pay for their retired life.
Financier working with netbook

A PiggyBank commissioned study revealed that one tenth of adults in the United Kingdom feel they aren’t good with money. Many are not saving enough for the future and what the economy may bring.
Police officers and forensic investigators examine the scene around Walthamstow Leisure Centre where a teenage boy was shot in London

The number of violent deaths in Britain’s capital has surpassed those in New York following an increase in knife and gun crime.
YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki is seen near Youtube headquarters following an active shooter situation in San Bruno California

A woman injured three YouTube employees and killed herself in a shooting spree at the company’s San Francisco headquarters on Tuesday.
Businessmen with suitcases are walking along South bank

British Workers should be taking home more pay after a Government increase in the tax-free personal allowance.