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Woman use iphone 6s to shop online amazon aliexpress app on the screen on desk office

In an effort to reach a younger audience, Amazon is now letting teens shop using their parents’ credit cards—but adults must still approve the purchases.
iPhone X new

As it celebrates the 10th anniversary of the original iPhone, Apple is getting ready to introduce a new version of the device
Queensferry Crossing

After 10 years of construction, engineering feat Queensferry Crossing will open as the tallest bridge in the UK, creating a trio of bridges in the area.
Princess Di and Prince Charles Wedding

As the 20th anniversary of her death approaches, Princes Harry and William have plans to unveil a statue to honour their mother at her former home.
Facebook Faces

Although it’s been banned in China for years, Facebook recently snuck an app past the country’s firewall without anyone noticing.
UK Economy goes downhill

Consumer spending in the UK dropped again in July, creating the longest-running slump in more than four years amid Brexit concerns.
UK Taxes will not go down

New comments by UK finance minister Philip Hammond have made it clear that the UK won’t cut corporate taxes or regulations after Brexit.
facebook apps include tv

Continuing its push into video, Facebook will soon debut a new video section with original TV shows and user-generated content.
Climate Change and National Security

Denying climate change can have a huge effect on a number of issues, especially when it comes to national security and international issues.
Tesla model and store

After months of anticipation, the first Tesla Model 3 rolled off the production line and was unveiled by CEO Elon Musk. Now mass production begins.
Dubai's Burj Khalifa and the fountain

Standing as the centrepiece of Dubai’s modern architecture, the Burj Khalifa is guaranteed to impress with its scale, world records, and features inside.
forced to pay UK taxes

The issue of whether taxes will need to be raised to fund a number of areas in the UK economy has caused a major rift between senior cabinet members.
Cats Rule the World and They Know it

Today they are seen as lounging pets, but the spread of cats around the world is quite remarkable and plays a large role in history.
Healthy Tattoos

Instead of being hooked up to machines, new color tattoos offer constant health monitoring and change colors when certain conditions change.
3d printing is now an artform

Forget traditional methods—today’s crafts and furniture are made by machine with the growth of 3D printing taking over the field.

Officials are arguing over the rights of EU citizens living in the UK after Brexit as a stalemate emerges that could delay the entire process.

Sexually transmitted debt can wreck havoc on your bank account and credit standing—here’s how to avoid it when your relationship goes south.
the touch and feel of prosthetic arms

UK researchers have developed a prosthetic limb that automatically moves and mimics the natural movement of organic arms.

If you’re stuck in a bad situation and want to break free towards success, take the advice of a successful CEO and drop your loser friends.
lilium flying car over the water

Transportation of the future flying cars could be here sooner than you might think, with numerous companies currently developing vehicles.