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Caleb Maddix Entrepreneur at 14 - Alvexo

Most kids around the age of 14 don’t have it easy. That time falls right in the middle of the biggest transitional period in...
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We’ve all met those people who everyone seems to instantly click with. They tend to be the co-workers everyone loves to work with or...
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Does retiring at 40 or 50 sound too good to be true? For some people, the dream is a reality. Follow in their footsteps...
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Imagine a world without borders. People and goods could cross freely between countries and a central government could rule everything. To some people it...

What has turned into a jovial celebration of costumes and candy actually has roots back to Celtic Ireland. Not many people know the true...
Dinner - you, me and the phone

From the grocery store to the mall and even the bathroom, it’s impossible to avoid smartphones these days. The amazing technology is both a...
Jumpstart your week

Monday is a word that instantly brings excitement or dread. Are you back from a relaxing weekend and ready to take on the world, or would...
Snap Spectacle Glasses - Alvexo

What do you get when you combine the technology of Google Glass with the youth-oriented sharing of Snapchat? A bright pair of camera-enabled sunglasses...
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Can you imagine a place where people proudly show off their clean toilets and trash-free streets? It probably doesn’t happen many places, especially in...
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There’s no denying that smart homes are the way of the future. Wireless sound systems, remote light control, automatic blinds, and more will soon...
Apple Goes Wireless-Alvexo

By now, you’ve likely heard about Apple’s decision to remove the headphone jack from the new iPhone 7 and the customer uproar that followed....
Paper Helmet that Saves Lives - Alvexo

They’ve become ubiquitous on busy streets and intersections of cities around the world: bike sharing stations are now everywhere. While convenient, eco-friendly, and low...
Kitty in Black Hole

It almost sounds like the perfect comic book villain: something that is inescapable, deadly, and nearly impossible to detect. But it exists in real...
Sophia, the Human-Like Robot

It walks and talks like a human, but it thinks like a machine. Human-like robots are the technology of the future, and these modern...
duoskin smart tattoo

It’s the best of both worlds: a tech solution that is forward thinking and efficient while also being stylish and trendy. Welcome to the...

From the track to the pool and across all kinds of courts, rings, courses, and fields, athletes from Team Great Britain are winning medals...
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  People have some creative solutions when it comes to avoiding traffic, but one idea in China takes things to another level—literally. An elevated bus...
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We often think of scientists working in black and white: creating stringent experiments to test their hypotheses in controlled environments. But it turns out...
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You’d have to have been living under a rock for the last few weeks to escape the phenomenon of Pokémon Go, an augmented reality...
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Nikola Tesla, the eccentric, enigmatic, and brilliant scientist who revolutionized electricity and set the stage for future wireless technology, was born 160 years ago...