Market Outlook

Alvexo’s analysts team answers questions from readers, explains trading concepts, worldwide economic issues and international relationships.

Market Outlook

The world’s largest social network could be one step closer to entering an elusive market: China. Facebook has been trying to re-gain access to...
Rupee Being Discontinued - Alvexo

In a world where most governments and financial authorities often do everything in their powers just to avoid surprising the markets, India has certainly...
Russia Coming out of Deep Freezer - Alvexo

The relationship between risk and reward is well documented as a principle in Finance, and it applies both to trading in the stock market,...
Getting the Best Deals - Alvexo

It’s the biggest shopping day of the year: Black Friday. The day originated as the American shopping frenzy following Thanksgiving, but it has spread...
EDF Nuclear Reactors - Alvexo

Power prices are surging across Europe, reaching record highs over the past few weeks. The reason? State-owned French utility EDF is facing required inspections...
Theresa May - Brexit Article 50

Amid further negotiations to put Brexit into action comes another factor to consider: party politics. New prime minister Theresa May is being challenged from...
Businesses moving overseas? - Alvexo

The post-Brexit world faces a lot of uncertainty, but one thing is for certain: London will have a lot of available real estate soon....
Real Estate in the UK

After all the fear and uncertainty around Brexit, there is finally some good economic news: The U.K. housing market made huge strides in September...
Iraq defies OPEC

Prices and regulations seem to change almost daily in the oil industry. As oil producers try to rein in uncontrolled oil costs by trimming...
Nike's back to the future shoes

Want to channel your inner Marty McFly and head back to the future? This could be your chance! Nike is getting ready to launch its...
World Biggest Businesses

Today’s global economy is perhaps more fluid than it has ever been. Economists predict that things will change dramatically over the next decade as...
Exploding Samsung Phones - Alvexo

It’s the worst nightmare of any technology executive: an order to stop manufacturing your hottest new product because of a strong risk it could...
India and the NSG

If international relations is a game of chess, then India is caught in the middle of a vicious battle between king and queen. As...
Japan and Africa Friends in Aid

In a deal that could be fruitful for both partners, Japan recently announced it would donate $30 billion in assistance to Africa over the...
Turkish People Around Their Flag

Turkey’s failed coup last month made headlines around the world, and now the aftermath is being felt. According to many experts, the coup attempt...

Launched in a risky move to challenge online shopping juggernauts Amazon and Walmart, made the incredible jump to a $3 billion valuation in...
China's New Silk Road - Alvexo

  The saying “history repeats itself” is coming true in China. The country is aiming to revive the majestic Silk Road, something most people know...
Luke Arm - Alvexo

Star Wars may take place in a galaxy far far away, but some of its technology is now being developing right here on planet...
After the Brexit Vote - Alvexo

In a move that shocked the country and the world, voters in Britain passed a measure in June to leave the EU. The result...
What's wrong with Japan - Alvexo

A number of flailing economies around the world are often discussed by journalists, policy makers, and economists, but one struggling economy that seems to...