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Richard Thaler an American economist and noble prize winner

Nobel Prize Winning economist Richard Thaler is known for his books and research—and for the fund he manages that is beating all expectations.
businessman standing in front of a blackboard with a chart about different types of wages

A new report from Goldman Sachs says companies with low labour costs have stocks that perform better, especially as wages continue to rise.
The Prime Minister of United Kingdom Theresa May in Press conference

An aviation trade dispute has political consequences as Theresa May threatens to go head to head with Boeing and stop ordering planes.
Elon Musk at the Tesla Worldwide Debut of Model X

New intercontinental rocket travel introduced by SpaceX’s Elon Musk will get people from London to New York in 29 minutes.
credit card in front of the british flag

Amid growing concerns over the impact of Brexit on the UK economy, Moody’s recently downgraded the country’s credit rating, a huge blow to PM Theresa May.
Warren Buffett Chairman CEO of Berkshire Hathaway

JPMorgan has revealed its pick for the new CEO of Berkshire Hathaway when Warren Buffett retires—internal candidate Greg Abel.
Angry Birds Being Played on the I-Pad

The creators of Angry Birds, Finnish company Rovio, will soon launch an IPO, rumoured to be around $1 billion.
life after brexit

As Brexit talks get increasingly stagnant, UK leaders are reportedly preparing for the possibility of leaving the negotiation table without a deal.
Theresa May sets quitting date

Theresa May says she’ll resign as Prime Minister in August 2019, giving her time to see the Brexit transition through
May wants hard brexit

A team of economists recently released a report saying that a “hard” Brexit and open market would provide a £135 Billion boost to the UK economy.
ISS Spacestation

NASA is about to test the limits of supercomputing in space as it launches a powerful computer to the ISS on board a SpaceX rocket.
Fox and Hammond

In a rare show of cabinet unity, former rivals Philip Hammond and Liam Fox published a joint plan for a post-Brexit transition period.
Bitcoin Golden Value

One Bitcoin is now worth more than $3,000, breaking the previous record and showing the cryptocurrency’s sustainability.
UK is going to Space

A new bill in the UK is designed to grow the country’s space industry and expand it to new areas of privatized development.
new government causing weak economy

More than a year after the Brexit vote, inflation is raising and economy appears to be weakening, but many economists say the dip is only temporary.

Donald Trump’s recent actions at the G-20 summit showcase America ceding global power—what does that mean for the entire global stage?
Apple Store and iPhone history

People have the iPhone, but few know how the device was created. To celebrate the device’s 10th anniversary, new details about its birth are coming out.
the ideal computer - iMac pro

Apple recently announced updates to its iMac Pro desktop computer for the first time since 2013, and the results could change the computer industry.
UK voting Begins

May wanted an election to give her party a boost, but she ended up losing her majority in Parliament and putting the UK in chaos ahead of Brexit talks.
Apple Store

Apple recently released a new feature that shuts down texting and notifications while driving to help drivers keep their attention on the road.