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Aramco Shares drop down

Aramco Stock price fell sharply since IPO on Gulf Market became available. Read more
UK Stocks Returning to Health

London-listed stock prices have been rapidly climbing since the election, for the best growth UK markets have seen since the EU exit referendum.
China accuses US lawmakers of "sinister intention to destroy Hong Kong"

China has threatened the United States to retaliate as Washington is supporting Hong Kong protesters who are fighting for the island's indepedency.
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson unveils his last Brexit Plan to the Europeans

While prime minister Boris Johnson has decided to unveil a no-deal Brexit to the European Union, the "tow-border solution" with Ireland worries economists.
At U.N Climate Summit: U.S Silence

70 world leaders have agreed to reduce their carbon emissions at the U.N Climate Summit in New York. The United States remains silent.
President Trump repeatedly urged the Ukrainian president to investigate Joe Biden, one of his chief political rivals

In an unprecendented leak, U.S Donald Trump is facing an impeachment procedure coming up from Nancy Pelosi and the House of Democrats.
UK 'Ireland-specific' Brexit plan meets Brussels skepticism

Pro Brexit newly nominated UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has made its first visit to a G7 congress this weekend in Biarritz, France.
Russia and America might have to set a collaboration in order to stabilize the political situation in Iran and in Syria

The two biggest powers in the world, US and Russia, might have to set up a collaboration despite polar opposite views in order to fulfill their agenda in Syria and in Iran.
he British Army had to stop Iran from blocking a BP oil tanker

Iran and the United Kingdom seem to have escalated one step further in a relationship that already laid in hot water. Earlier this month, a BP tanker was stopped by the Islamic Republic and the Royal Navy had to intervene.
Trump warns Iran against enriching its uranium

In an unprecedented crisis since the second Gulf war, the White House has been warning Iran not to enrich its uranium. As the international coalition is trying to ease tensions between Iran and the United States, the Islamic regime confirmed the arrest of a French-Iranian scholar yesterday.