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UK 'Ireland-specific' Brexit plan meets Brussels skepticism

Pro Brexit newly nominated UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has made its first visit to a G7 congress this weekend in Biarritz, France.
Russia and America might have to set a collaboration in order to stabilize the political situation in Iran and in Syria

The two biggest powers in the world, US and Russia, might have to set up a collaboration despite polar opposite views in order to fulfill their agenda in Syria and in Iran.
he British Army had to stop Iran from blocking a BP oil tanker

Iran and the United Kingdom seem to have escalated one step further in a relationship that already laid in hot water. Earlier this month, a BP tanker was stopped by the Islamic Republic and the Royal Navy had to intervene.
Trump warns Iran against enriching its uranium

In an unprecedented crisis since the second Gulf war, the White House has been warning Iran not to enrich its uranium. As the international coalition is trying to ease tensions between Iran and the United States, the Islamic regime confirmed the arrest of a French-Iranian scholar yesterday.
The first Democratic primary presidential debate took place on June 26 and 27

As the most influential Democratic are competing to become the next 2020 Presidential candidate - who will race against Trump, one cannot help but see how divided the party has become.
Are U.S. and Iran heading for war?

Experts worry diplomatic feuds between Iran and the United States might lead to a war, while Iran's economy is likely to worsen due to new economic sanctions.
container ship in port at Port Shenzhen, China

More than a hundred companies include Nike and New Balance have expressed their worry regarding new tariffs against China, while US president Donald Trump announced tariffs could concern more than $300 billion worth of goods.
Russian Dirty Oil Scandal

In April, 5 million tonnes of Russian oil was contaminated with organic chloride, sending global oil prices skyward in a scandal expected to continue for months.
Who will replace British Prime Minister Theresa May?

As Theresa May has resigned, six PM candidates are still racing. Frontrunner Boris Johnson has received international support, but will he win the hearts of Tories?
US President Donald Trump UK visit

U.S president Donald Trump was visiting the United Kingdom from 3 to 5 June. He expressed his support to Boris Johnson and made a few diplomatic faux pas.