Brexit Faces U.S New Trade Deals and EU’s Skepticism

PoliticsBrexit Faces U.S New Trade Deals and EU's Skepticism

Brexit Faces U.S New Trade Deals and EU’s Skepticism

Will Washington save Downing Street? During a visit to the United Kingdom, National Security Advisor John Bolton offered Britain several trade agreements in case of a no-deal Brexit with the European Union. 

Other topics such as the 5G implementation by Huawei in the U.K by China as well as the situation in the Persian Gulf. 

However, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson confirmed that the post-Brexit deals would not be applicable before at least a year.

A few days later at G7, U.S President Donald Trump confirmed “a very big trade deal” with the United Kingdom. At the moment, no details on the deal have been shared publicly. 

Case-by-case deals by October 31st

While law makers are still working on how to assemble special trade deals, the British administration confirmed that the United States have offered “sector-by-sector trade deals”, confirms Bloomberg.

The main purpose of this visit, really, is to convey President Trump’s desire to see a successful exit from the EU for the U.K. on Oct. 31,” U.S. National Security Advisor John Bolton told the press during a conference two weeks ago.

According to the President’s envoy, the main agreements were made between London and Washington upon security in the Persian Gulf for both countries, a flexibility in the UK’s decision on whether to implement Huawei’s 5G network, as well as a close cooperation between the two Congress houses to draft trade deals.

However, no details were provided so far.

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Is the NHS still on the table?

While the privatisation of the public healthcare has been a burning topic for years in the United Kingdom it looks like the privatisation of the National Healthcare Service is old news.

While U.S. President Donald Trump mentioned NHS’s restructuration a few months ago, Boris Johnson said during the G7 that : “Not only have I made clear of that, the president has made that very, very clear. There is complete unanimity on that point.”, reported the BBC.

The opposition is very skeptical – indeed, many journalists have revealed that the NHS might be part of the deal.

While the United Kingdom is set to leave the European Union on October 31st, no data was shared regarding this trade deal, which worried the opposition, including European Council President Donald Tusk.

The G7 might be a wake-up call

During this G7 weekend in Biarritz, France, Donald Tusk said that he “was willing to listen” to Boris Johnson’s ideas for Brexit – “as long as they are realistic.”.

While the European Union has firmly confirmed that it would not participate in any kind of negotiation in case of a no-trade Brexit, the United Kingdom might have to juggle between the United States’ proposal of having special custom-made agreements and a historical isolation in Europe.

“I have made it absolutely clear I don’t want no deal and that we’ve got to get rid of the backstop from the treaty and if Mr Tusk doesn’t want to go down as Mr No-Deal Brexit I hope that point will be borne in mind too,” Tusk said reports the BBC.

While German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron were trying to set up negotiations between the United Kingdom and the European Union lately, it seems that a no-deal might not be an option anymore.