Merger Talks of Deutsche Bank and Commerzbank

Deutsche Bank to Shrink its US investment bank

While American's Deutsche Bank investment bank's results are worrying investors, the German institution might have to merge with Commerzbank to stay afloat.
Angela Merkel: “As chancellor and leader of the CDU, I’m politically responsible for everything, for successes and for failures”. (image: REUTERS/Hannibal Hanschke)

Germany: Angela Merkel to step down in 2021

Germany calls her "Mutti", an affectionate word for "mum". For more than 13 years, Angela Merkel has been the German Chancellor, the highest executive role in the country. She has also been the main political leader of Europe, and the cement between territories - especially since the Brexit vote.
Protesters hold signs behind Richard Fuld, chairman and chief executive of Lehman Brothers Holdings. Image: REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

10 years after the crash – Analysis

Ten years after the financial global financial crisis that made thousands of Americans homeless and millions of Europeans jobless, experts fear that a new crisis - even tougher - is just around the corner.
German Chancellor Merkel speaks to U.S. President Trump during the second day of the G7 meeting in Charlevoix city of La Malbaie, Quebec

“U.S. Is the Piggy Bank Everybody’s Robbing”, Said Donald Trump at G7

While most of the countries at G7 in Canada were expecting to smooth the tariffs, U.S President Trump surprised the organization by improvising a press conference.
Silvio Berlusconi stands with Matteo Salvini during a rally in Bologna 2015

Italian and German Elections Underscore Uncertain Trading Future

Italy and Germany will receive important - yet very different - election results on March 4, each of which will help to resolve some of the current uncertainty in the European Union.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel at a press conference after a meeting with the British Prime Minister in the Chanclery in Berlin

Merkel Prefers New Elections over Minority Government

Now that German government coalition negotiations have fallen apart, Chancellor Merkel has indicated preference for an election over a minority government.

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