Lithium is it the new gold?

Lithium Demands Surge As Tesla Expands

Lithium, a precious metal has become the latest trend. Also called “white gold”, it has unique properties that many investors eye on.
Carlos Ghosn ongoing saga

3 Things to Know About Carlos Ghosn’s Scandal

Carlos Ghosn was one of the most powerful man in the car manufacturing in the world. After he successfully managed the transition of the merge between Renault, Nissan and Mitsubishi, he might now face 20 years in jail.
A man walks past an exchange bureau advertisement showing images of the US dollar in Cairo

Dollar Vs. Yen: Was This A “Black Christmas”?

After the Black Thursday in 1928, the world might have lived a "Black Christmas", experts report. On Christmas Eve, dollar fell 0.39% to 110.12 yen on Christmas Day, showing the lowest level since August 2018.
Nikkei Hits Its Lowest Levels In 20 Months

Nikkei Hits Its Lowest Levels In 20 Months

Nikkei has shown their lowest levels in 20 months After the U.S dollar dropped dramatically on Christmas Eve, making the yen a strong currency to invest on
Chinese President Xi Jinping welcomes Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to the G20 Summit in Hangzhou

East Asian Rivalries Put Aside as Trade Behemoth Rises

President Donald Trump's policy of economic nationalism is seen weakening US influence in Asia. Who better to take over the role than China?
Creating a Business Together

Is The Time Right For Japan To Seek Free Trade with Britain?

Japan is rumoured to be seeking informal early free trade talks with the UK, at the same time as finalising a free trade agreement with the EU.
Japan and Africa Friends in Aid

Japan Plans to Invest $30 Billion in Africa

Japan just pledged $30 in infrastructure and development aid to Africa to grow the economy and help its own position on the global stage.
What's wrong with Japan - Alvexo

What’s Wrong with Japan’s Economy?

After struggling for decades, Japan is once again deciding how to stimulate its economy and move out of recession. So what is Japan going to do?

Is the Yen a SAFE Haven or a Ticking Time bomb?

The yen is perceived as a financial safe haven, but with the Japanese economy being overloaded with debt and other serious problems is the yen really safe?

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