Amazon’s revenue is growing in 2021, as the coronavirus recedes

Amazon Revenue Keeps on Growing in 2021

Although the coronavirus pandemic might be a thing of the past, Amazon profits keep on growing, thanks to streaming services and new technologies.
In China, Alibaba’s Situation Sounds Like A Warning

Is Alibaba’s Status a Warning to China’s Giants?

Alibaba just received a heavy fine for “abusing” the market for years, according to the Chinese government. According to the BBC, it is a strong signal.
Apple iPhone’s Production Set to Increase In 2021

Apple’s iPhone Production Set to Go Up 30% for Q1 2021

With COVID continuing to last for at least the first semester of 2021, smartphone usage is set to go up, Apple will increase its iPhone production by 30%.
Apple shares are rising, but experts worry

Apple’s Nasdaq Success Worry Experts

Apple results are promising, but some experts show that its shares are overvalued and might drop soon. In addition, NYT's leaving Apple News, a major blow.
Elder people express difficulties with technologies

Tech Revolution Blamed For Global Inequalities

Davos Forum latest report shows that AI is taking a U-turn, widening wealth inequalities in the most developed countries in the world, while creating jobs.
US threatens 100% tariffs on French cheese and champagne

60+ French Products Might Face A 100% Tariff Increase

More than 60+ French products might face a new tariff increase since Washington is retaliating from the French "GAFAM law" tax.
Alibaba launches massive Hong Kong IPO

Alibaba IPO became biggest of 2019, Despite HKs Riots

Alibaba IPO became biggest of 2019 | Marketplace Alibaba has managed to do the biggest IPO of the year at the HK stock exchange, despite the local political uproar.
As Silicon Valley Unicorns Are Disappearing

As Silicon Valley Unicorns Are Disappearing

Silicon Valley Unicorns might be on the verge of disappearing as 2020 recession is approaching and investors are looking for safer asets
Modeled after Nasdaq, will China's Star Market stocks attract confidence?

Star Market, the Nasdaq of China Gained Up to 520%

Star Market, the new Shanghai's new science and technology equities market just launched successfully in China. Aimed for tech companies, its intent is to surpass Nasdaq.
India offers a perfect test market for many Silicon Valley companies

Why India Is the Ultimate Fintech Test Market?

India is becoming the hot spots for fintech from all around the world - not only for the Silicon Valley to test a product, but also for investors to commit to local companies.

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