Apple shares are rising, but experts worry

Apple’s Nasdaq Success Worry Experts

Apple results are promising, but some experts show that its shares are overvalued and might drop soon. In addition, NYT's leaving Apple News, a major blow.
Google is putting its reputation at risk, while employees’ opinion is no longer needed. (image: REUTERS/Aly Song)

Google Launches A Censored Version In China

Today, The Intercept confirmed what Google's CEO Sundar Pichai shared at the 25 Wired Summit: Google is developing a "censored" version of it search engine for the Chinese market.
Biometric verification. Modern young man with the phone.

Facial Recognition Technology Profiles In-Store Retail Shoppers

Retailers are installing facial recognition technology to profile and track customers entering their stores, to better understand their top demographics.
Lei Jun, founder, chairman and CEO of Xiaomi Inc speeches in front map of the world. Xiaomi's IOT(Internet of things) developer conference on November 28, 2017.

Xiaomi: Ready For An IPO?

The “Apple of China” was once the darling of the Chinese technology industry. But slowing sales at home have hampered its ambition to become a $100 billion global company. With an IPO mooted for 2018, can the smartphone maker convince investors it can grow sustainably?
The front end of the test vehicle Acura is using to test its autonomous Automated Drive car

“Fully Driverless Cars” Will be Legal in the U.K. in 4 Years

Chancellor Philip Hammond will announce new driverless car regulations for the United Kingdom on Budget Day, with the goal of putting them on roads by 2021
Aurore Chiquot of SoftBank Robotics Europe in the Future Investment Initiative conference in Riyadh

The Use of A.I. in Trading Hedge Funds is Heating Up

To cost cuts and boost profit hedge funds are in an “arms race” to adopt artificial intelligence.
Engineer hand using tablet with machine real time monitoring system software

UK Not Ready for Fourth Industrial Revolution

A new report says the UK has work to do to take advantage of the fourth industrial revolution, but new programs and government plans could lead to growth.
Background media blue image with digital graphs and icons

High-Tech Stocks are Reaching an All-Time High

Nasdaq hit an all-time high recently on the growth of tech stocks, with many companies setting their own individual records as well.
Tech in the UK

Tech Investments Grow in UK Despite Brexit

Although experts feared Brexit would hurt tech investments, a study found that money keeps flowing into the UK, leading to huge growth in its tech space.
Fintech: How You Can Invest

Fintech: How You Can Invest in Financial Technology

Fintech is a fast-growing industry changing how we work and bank. Read more how to invest in the popular area and make a great investment

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