Lyft Shares Alarming Revenue for 2020

Lyft’s Revenue Hit Hard by COVID Plunged 44%

Covid has left Lyft with a terrible loss for 2020, resulting in a plunge of 44% for 2020 Q4. However, 2021 and reopenings could offer better results.
As Silicon Valley Unicorns Are Disappearing

As Silicon Valley Unicorns Are Disappearing

Silicon Valley Unicorns might be on the verge of disappearing as 2020 recession is approaching and investors are looking for safer asets
Uber drivers strike over pay and conditions

Uber Drivers On Strike A Week After its IPO

A few days after its IPO, Uber drivers have expressed their disappointment when it comes to their status as National Labor Relations Board stated on Tuesday, May 14th that they could not been considered as employees.
Facebook's privacy-focused plan

Facebook Wants to Make Your Online Activity “private”

The yearly keynote F8 happened this week and Mark Zuckerberg tried to reinforce Facebook's wish to foster trust and privacy for all its users. However, it did not seem to convince the audience.
A scooter driver prepares to delivery an Uber Eats food order in London, Britain June 8, 2018. REUTERS/Simon Dawson

UK Uber Drivers Primed to Strike Across the Country

The Independent Workers Union of Great Britain (IWGB) called a 24 hour Uber drivers strike across the UK to stand up for unimplemented employee rights.
Mass Production of Autonomous Cars

Toyota Announces £387 Million Investment into Uber Driverless Vehicles

Toyota has invested £387 million into a new deal with Uber to develop self-driving cars that will be piloted in 2021 and then used on the rideshare firm’s network.
Bhavish Aggarwal, CEO and co-founder of Ola, an app-based cab service provider, poses in front of an Ola cab in Mumbai - Image: REUTERS/Shailesh Andrade

Trouble for Uber? India’s Huge Ola Ride-Hailing Company is Headed to the UK

The Ola Cabs ride hailing company is on its way into the UK, providing new competition for Uber after that firm finally had its license reinstated.
An Uber taxi is driven away from New Street Railway Station in Birmingham

Many Uber, Lyft Drivers Rely On App Firms For Income

New research contradicts the commonly held belief that their work is part-time or supplemental. It may have implications for gig economy firms, which have come under pressure from regulators and courts over their treatment of workers.
The London Taxi Company (LTC) on Wednesday restarted production of the famous black cab six months after the business was saved by Chinese car maker Geely back in 2013.

Taxiing Towards a Greener London Cab and The Chinese Firm That Made It Possible

Geely, the Chinese owner of the famous London black cab, recently launched its new electric model, the TX, onto the streets of London.
Dropbox Inc co-founders celebrate on the Nasdaq Stock Market as Dropbox (DBX) is listed for the companys IPO in New York

Silicon Valley Venture Capitalists Ready Themselves for IPO Storm

Venture Capitalists are getting ready for the startups they’ve been funding over the years to go public – an event which is expected to occur in a massive wave over the next 18 to 24 months.

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