Women only occupy 25 percent of the top jobs in the US

Job Market: According to Study, AI is Detrimental for Women

While automation is right around the corner in the work place, salary gender gap is widening. Experts are offering new solutions to resolve this disparity between men and women at work.
Microsoft corporate building in Santa Clara, California. Microsoft is a multinational corporation that develops, supports and sells computer software and services.

Women at Microsoft Filed 238 Discrimination and Harassment Complaints Over 7 Years

A recent filing for a class action lawsuit against Microsoft has made public company human resources figures showing hundreds of discrimination and harassment complaints over 7 years.
Portrait of mom's dad and daughter in a green park

Mother’s Day: Why Brits Spend More on Mum than Dad

How much Brits spend on their mothers could dip this year due to a wage squeeze, but why do they lavish more on their mothers than their fathers?
Pedestrians pass a Tesco supermarket in London

Tesco Shares Soar Despite £4 Billion Equal Pay Claim

Tesco expects to have an equal pay claim filed against it, possibly worth £4 billion, but investors seem undaunted by the possibility and the company's stocks have continued to climb.
Chief executive of California-based social and educational group for parents Club MomMe Rachel Pitzel

Mothers who work part-time pay a ‘wage penalty’

Mothers who work part-time work while bringing up children miss out on salary progression, says new research.
Woman walks through the financial district of Canary Wharf, London.

UK Companies Need More Women on Boards, Say 27 Major Investors

The United Kingdom’s branch of the 30% Club includes 27 major investors and strives to ensure that there are considerably more opportunities for women in board or upper management positions by 2020.
Alvexo Blog Women Entreprenuers

7 Things Women Entrepreneurs Must Do To Succeed

More women are getting into the spirit of entrepreneurship and changing the way they work. Learn 7 things women entrepreneurs need to know to succeed.

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