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GAFAs might have hired thousands of contractors to manually transcribe users' conversations and requests on AI devices, report Bloomberg. GAFA
Europe Moves Forward in Tech

The EU has been leading the world in developing new tech industry regulations, which may establish an ecosystem in which new firms can thrive
Facebook's planned Libra cryptocurrency would have to convince financial regulators it has high privacy standards.

Facebook recently unveiled Libra, its anticipated cryptocurrency, a Bitcoin rival which will be managed by the Libra Association, which is headquartered in Switzerland.
Facebook's privacy-focused plan

The yearly keynote F8 happened this week and Mark Zuckerberg tried to reinforce Facebook's wish to foster trust and privacy for all its users. However, it did not seem to convince the audience.

Find out how Fintech is not only disrupting the financial industry has also caused an ongoing revolution in forex trading that many feels is still redefining the opportunity.
Ambitious announcements at last Apple’s keynote

Apple's latest keynote seemed to be a new effort to surpass Netflix, banks and the new "Google News". Will it achieve these very ambitious goals?
Boeing faces crisis of confidence after two crashes within five months

After two brand new 737 MAX Boeing planes went down within two months killing more than 300 passengers, the American manufacturer is under investigation, while pilots confirm they complained about Boeing's latest software.
Amazon removes accounts and vendors

Amazon decided to change its policy with vendors for 24h, before tracking back.

Tesla's CEO Elon Musk is a free spirit in a shark tank. While posting provocative tweets against the SEC, the highest financial institution in the United States, he might jeopardize his company and put himself at risk.

Crypto company had some bad news to reveal to its clients on Monday. Quadriga CX's CEO Gerald Cotten passed away, while he was the only one to know a password that was able to unlock US $200 million.