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Fortnite box as displayed on our Xbox

The developers of Fortnite, the hugely popular apocalyptic survival video game, have announced a $100m prize fund up for grabs to the game’s best players. It is believed to be the biggest sum of money ever on offer for an e-sports tournament.
A man walks past an exchange bureau advertisement showing images of the US dollar in Cairo

A new UK Finance report shows that consumers are increasingly reliant on smartphones to conduct their regular banking tasks and a CACI report believes there will be more mobile than PC banking in 2019.

An NSPCC survey revealed that Facebook, YouTube, and Grand Theft Auto: San Antonio are among the worst online offenders in exposing kids to adult subject matter.
The Catspad smart pet assistant with the ability to remotely schedule and control food portions is displayed during CES Unveiled at the 2018 CES in Las Vegas

As a nation, the United Kingdom loves to treat their pets. From stylish dog beds to gourmet treats, grooming products to feline fitness trackers, the market for pet products is booming.
Apple iPhone 5s iPad Air 2 and MacBook Air

The iPhone giant has launched a joint venture with Rio Tinto and Alcoa to develop a new way of making aluminium that eliminates greenhouse gas emissions.
Man holds up his mobile phone showing a M-Pesa mobile money transaction page for the photographer at an open air market in Kibera in Kenyas capital Nairobi

The world’s richest people have been quick to criticize bitcoin, but the technology that supports the digital currency could help the world’s poorest get access to financial services.
Alphabets Google holds annual IO developers conference in Mountain View California

Amid intensifying competition, at the opening of Google I/O 2018 the company mapped out its software plans for the year ahead—nearly every one of them included a heightened focus on AI.
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg speaks at Facebook Incs annual F8 developers conference in San Jose

While unveiling a $100bn share buyback plan and 16% dividend increase, Apple boss Tim Cook took another swipe at Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg, saying that "privacy is a human right"
Cybercrime 125 Increase In Identity Theft

New data this week revealed worryingly high rates of financial crime as cybercriminals prey on the old using young "money mules" and move into new sectors such as insurance and retail.
A service robot serving wine in a dining room table

Amazon is reportedly working on a top secret project involving a home robot. The Lab126 division is working on the robot under a project codename of Vesta.