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Xiaomi Chinese Smartphone Giant Invests $10B in EVs

Chinese Xiaomi Invests $10 billion in Electric Vehicles

Xioami, the Chinese smartphone manufacturer has announced it will invest $10 billion in electric vehicles.
Apple iPhone’s Production Set to Increase In 2021

Apple’s iPhone Production Set to Go Up 30% for Q1 2021

With COVID continuing to last for at least the first semester of 2021, smartphone usage is set to go up, Apple will increase its iPhone production by 30%.
Amazon New Devices Question Data Privacy

Amazon New Devices Question Data Privacy

Amazon launched two devices five days apart that worries consumers and media about data privacy and violation of intimacy.
Pentagon awards United Launch Alliance, SpaceX launch contracts

Musk’s SpaceX Partners With U.S. Military

Elon Musk's SpaceX will now be in charge of 40% of launch mission service for the U.S Space Force and Missiles Systems until 2024.
Google headquarters offices in London close to St Pancras International and Kings Cross train stations

Tech Giants Set to Double Their Market Valuations

Silicon Valley is living its heydays: with giant tech Google celebrating its Alaphabet's trillion dollar valuation, tech shares have been soaring.
EU Emissions Rules

New EU Emissions Rules Place Auto Giants at Risk of Massive Fines

New EU Emissions Rules go into effect on 1 January 2020 and are likely to bring mega-fines to major car manufacturers.
Why Is Tesla Decreasing its Prices in China?

Why Is Tesla Decreasing its Prices in China?

Tesla Decreasing Its Prices: Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, announced on Wendesday it will cut its prices by 20% for its Sedan 3 model in China.
Aramco and Tesla Redefine What Stock Price Means

Aramco and Tesla Redefine What Stock Price Means

Aramco and Tesla may be companies from opposite ends of the spectrum, but their stock prices and valuations have very important core factors in common.
Google slammed €150M fine Over Ad Rules

Google Slammed with €150 Million Fine Over Advertising in France

Google Google Slammed €150 million fine for "brutal and unjustified" banning of keyword advertisers on its platform. Read more
Many bugs and unknowns with Google Stadia, the new console-free gaming service.

Google Fails in Launching its Game Streaming Platform

Google Fails in Launching a game-streaming platform, while its shares soared on the markets. As a result, experts think the project might be put on hold.

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