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How Far Will Virtual Reality Take Us

Virtual reality will change the way we experience gaming, movies, social media & medicine. The sky's not the limit. We still don't know what that limit is.
BMW Racing Towards Self-Driving Cars

BMW has announced a total revamp of their high-end vehicles allowing drivers to sit back and let the car drive itself.
Alvexo_Blog Robots 090316

Google released a video of its humanoid robot “Atlas.” The video, already viewed 14 million times, showcased amazing technological advances in robotics.
Alvexo_Blog Apple 290216

Following the FBI’s demand that it break into an iPhone linked to the San Bernardino terrorism case, Apple intends to make Iphones unhackable.
Alvexo_Blog Robots 210216

A robot might be taking your job sooner than you think, but if society prepares itself for this change, it may not be as threatening as you think.
Alvexo_B Alphabet 080216

The world's most valuable company on the stock market has taken a hit. Apple is no longer the top company as Alphabet swoops in and takes first place.
Alvexo_Blog Smartphones 180116

China has created the perfect storm with top smartphone companies giving all they have to get into the Chinese market and to show superiority.