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Crypto company had some bad news to reveal to its clients on Monday. Quadriga CX's CEO Gerald Cotten passed away, while he was the only one to know a password that was able to unlock US $200 million.
Apple Store and iPhone history

Apple, once the biggest smartphone manufacturer in the world might face some hard times this year as its weak results, publicly shared a few weeks ago, shocked the public eye. Since October, Apple's stock has fallen 36%.
The largest High Street lender in Britain is undergoing a reorganization in order to better serve customers who prefer online banking to brick-and-mortar branches. (REUTERS/Toby Melville)

Lloyds Banking Group announced its plans to eliminate 6,240 jobs but will create 8,240 new ones during a digital services overhaul to better serve customers online and over mobile.
In the United States and Canada, growth remained flat. In Europe the number of daily users fell. (image:

Facebook’s daily user growth is slowing down according to the company’s latest figures. The firm’s newly released data also revealed that the company has missed its revenue forecasts.
Netflix CEO Reed Hastings in his Q2 shareholder letter: “We’ll continue to finance our capital needs in the high-yield market,” (imag:

Netflix announced on Monday it was raising another $2 billion in debt in order to pay for content acquisition and production of content so it could keep up with growing competition pressure.
An Addison Lee delivery van drives through central London, Britain (image: REUTERS/Toby Melville)

Addison Lee boss, Andy Boland, announced the taxi company is working with Oxbotica, self-driving software specialist, to make digital maps for self-driving shared London minibus shuttles.
This time automation and artificial intelligence are a game changer for your job. Read why.

Opinions differ on just how much of an impact automation and AI will have on the global economy while investment in this area is not slowing down. Spending in automation  is expected to surge to almost $232bn by 2025 compared to an estimated $12.4bn today.
Google is putting its reputation at risk, while employees’ opinion is no longer needed. (image: REUTERS/Aly Song)

Today, The Intercept confirmed what Google's CEO Sundar Pichai shared at the 25 Wired Summit: Google is developing a "censored" version of it search engine for the Chinese market.
Commercial sub-orbital spaceflights are coming faster than you think. Image: shuterstock

Virgin Galactic founder and CEO Sir Richard Branson has announced that the company is only “weeks not months” away from space flight, ahead of its rivals SpaceX and Blue Origin.
Facebook - Leave or stay? image shuterstock

Facebook might be soon more known in the Western world for its data breach than helping freedom of speech. After Cambridge Analytica in March and Facebook's CEO Mark Zuckerberg's speech before the U.S Congress, Facebook has lost of credibility lately - especially to its shareholders.