Middle East Shakes up the Markets

Daily Analysis - 12/04/2018

Middle East Shakes up the Markets


The allied response to Syrian/Russian behavior is likely to impact markets. This assessment is based on the markets’ driving up the oil price, driving down the value of the Ruble and President Trump’s telegraphing US intentions to the world. The price of crude is a t a 3.5 year high, the Ruble is at a 1.5 year low in value against the US Dollar. Like it or not, this turmoil presents traders with many opportunities to profit.

WTI Moves UP

Due to the continued conflict in Syria the price has been driven up steadily. The Saudi fields are not likely to be affected nor are those of Iraq. Regardless of the geography, the markets are quite concerned and are bidding the price up rapidly. We are, as is natural in such circumstances, taking positions for very short term expiries like hourly and end of day. No further out. We are looking at ranges from oil today at a level between 67.90 – 69.50 with a stop loss order between 66.63 – 65.55.


Shorting AUDCAD

This trade has been in place for us for some time and we recommend it regularly. The chart explains all we need to know on the pair. We are short this asset pair for the long term, meaning we have positions that we expect to continue gaining from for the long term a week to a month in the future. Today we are looking at between .9749 - .9736 with our stop loss order between .9764 - .9775.


ExxonMobil as Big as it Gets

XOM or ExxonMobil is the world’s largest, by market capitalisation, integrated energy producer. This firm, for well over a century, in different guises, has explored for, transported, refined and sold on the retail market energy derived from hydrocarbons. As the price of crude rises so does the value of the stock of a corporation that is as involved with the commodity as Exxon is. Our set levels are today between 77.86 – 78.25 with our stop loss exit between 76.81 – 76.21.


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