South Korea versus Japan

Daily Analysis - 23/07/2019

South Korea Japan dispute may affect chipmakers


Pressures between South Korea and Japan sparked concerns that the leading global industrial chipset supply may be in risk. That factor is an additional problem for the already slow world economy and may escalate to a serious matter for chipmaker companies. The two key technology countries are members of a complicated and strictly connected system of economies that share their production of technology-related goods such as pcs, tablets, smartphones and laptops. However, near the beginning of this month, Tokyo surprisingly imposed tighter regulations on one portion of that system. Japan published that on July 1 it will limit the exports of three key chemical elements to South Korea. Those chemicals are resisted fluorinated polyimide and hydrogen fluoride. Those important high-tech elements are required for the production of display screens and semiconductors.

Greenback is winning over Gold

On Tuesday the popular yellow metal Gold dropped while the greenback recovered. Behind the drop is the fact that some traders also were securing their earnings ahead of the FED conference next week.

Spot gold fell about 0.5% to $1,417.79 per ounce while U.S. gold futures went down 0.6% to $1,418.39 an ounce. Gold shortly exceeded the important $1,451 level last week after the expectations of an aggressive rate cut.


Oil is going up due to tensions in Middle East

On Tuesday Oil went higher due to rising anxieties regarding potential interruptions in oil supply in the Middle East. However, a lower interest forecast kept gains in the range supported by a promise by the IEA to respond quickly in order to preserve the global oil markets sufficiently supplied. Brent crude futures increased by 4 cents to $63.30 a barrel.


Concerns over Brexit - no deal drives pound

On Tuesday the English pound remained defensive while traders were troubled if Boris Johnson, the UK’s favorite to receive the prime minister chair could open the possibility for a “hard Brexit”.

On Tuesday, Britain’s Conservative Party will publish the results of a leadership election and Johnson is generally foreseen to win.

On the other hand, the Euro shortly reached its lowest level in 35 days due to increasing expectations that Mario Draghi the President of the European Central Bank will indicate a rate cut in September.


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