Strength returns, Panic arrested, for now,

Daily Analysis - 29/03/2018

Strength returns, Panic arrested, for now | Alvexo


FTSE among all the major stock exchanges as well as the USD are showing strength. This is a moderate degree of confidence with buying sustained throughout the trading day. It is not robust vigorous power.


The 20 bar EMA crossed above the 50 bar EMA yesterday on the hourly chart at 15:00 GMT. This event signifies that the market in the last 20 intervals, hours in this case, values the asset above the level held during the last 50 bars. It is a reliable indicator of continued upward movement in price. Associated volume is double the 20 bar average. This too is an indicator of momentum or sentiment. This means that there is considerable, more than double, the amount of trading supporting the movement. This is a combination of indicators that bodes well for a continued rise in price. FTSE UP for the end of day and hourly trades.


High Grade Copper Up

Copper, the world’s most widely used metal after iron is rising. HG as the metal is known on the NYMEX and which stands for “High Grade” has been climbing steadily for the last 2 years following a steep decline that began in 2013 as Chinese demand for the metal began to slack off. The current rise had a setback beginning in 2018 and presently is on the rise again. Strong volume is pushing the current price above the 20 bar EMA. This is not a vigorous upswing and the trade is god for hourly positions only. It could reverse and continue its 3 month slide. For the short term HG UP.



This pair is affected by two fundamental forces acting in parallel and having a strong upward force. First is the general recovery in the strength of the USD. The US economy7 is growing fairly well. The markets have lost interest in the impending trade dispute insurgency brought about by the US administration and so are returning to their acquisition of US assets. The second force is the weakening of the Turkish Lira. The currency of a country is like the stock of a corporation. It is a proxy for the market’s attitude toward a country or trading zone. Turkey is in the dog house because it acts brutally toward the Kurds in Syria and at home and is generally seen to be a repressive and unprogressive force in the region. Erdogan has ensconced himself in power apparently for life and the world is selling his “stock”.  The pair is well above both 20 and 50 bar EMAs and moving upward on increasing volume. Price is above the previous high reached in December and looks like it has a lot of momentum. USDTRY UP


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