Brexit deal creates uncertainty all over again

Market Trends - 04/09/2019

On Tuesday, a major number of legislators, which covers also
the opposition politicians that many called them “rebel” parts of the
Conservative Party, decided to vote against Boris Johnson in order to take the
power of the parliamentary affairs from the administration.

In theory, that may enable them to pass a law, that could
prevent Boris’ government attempts to remove the U.K. from the EU without a
Brexit settlement. Now, an additional vote is arranged to be carried tomorrow
on the legislation, and, if that vote succeeds, it will create additional
pressure to the prime minister that will probably drive him to ask an extra
delay to the U.K.’s withdrawal date up to January 31 of 2020.

Regarding this matter the Prime minister, Johnson announced
that he would shortly request for a snap election if the second vote passes.

According to Ben Wellings, a senior lecturer in politics, a
big number activists, Conservative Party members of parliament, and voters, do
not actually support no-deal Brexit scenario.

However, a snap election covers an important danger because
the opposition is not completely united in its position regarding the Brexit
matter, he told CNBC. Wellings said.

“I think what we’re most likely to see is a kind of
Labour/Scottish Nationalist/Liberal Democrat/Green coalition very much focused
on preventing a no-deal Brexit, and renegotiating something with the EU”. “But,
even within those opposition parties, there are parties like Liberal Democrats,
Scottish Nationalist (that) want to stay in. Labour is equivocal on whether it
wants to remain in the EU or get out. So, its prospects are pretty dark as

He emphasized that eventually, the U.K. may fall in a
situation similar to the agreement that the previous Prime Minister Theresa May

Nevertheless, whatever happens inside the U.K, it's the EU
that will decide if they will agree to extend the October 31 deadline to
January 2020.


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