The U.K. Parliament suspension is set to end on Wednesday

Market Trends - 25/09/2019

U.K's Parliament suspension is set to end on Wednesday after
a memorable decision blocking U.K's Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s decision to
postpone Parliamentary activities while negotiating a Brexit deal.

The Supreme Court ordered that Johnson’s government decision
to suspend the parliament (or “prorogue” as the process is formally known) for
five weeks, has been unlawful. The eleven judges ordered unanimously that there
wasn't any ground for such an “extreme action.”

In essence, what the court decided and ordered is that PM's
administration decision to encourage the queen to postpone parliament's normal
work, was unlawful “because it had the effect of frustrating or preventing the
ability of Parliament to carry out its constitutional functions without
reasonable justification.”

The Prime Minister Responded to the court’s decision by
saying to BBC that the decision was not correct but he will respect the
outcome. Nevertheless, there were extensive calls for Johnson to quit. He
stated that the administration would “get on and deliver Brexit on October 31st
come what may.”

Now, the Parliament's
suspension will come to an end on Wednesday. Experts have considered the
judgment's effects on Brexit and Prime Minister Johnson’s political fate.

Parliament stopped operating
since September 10 and had been scheduled to resume on October 14, just a few
weeks before the Brexit withdrawal date of October 31. There is currently no
Brexit agreement between the U.K and EU however legislators have now decided to
stop Johnson’s government from getting the United Kingdom outside of the EU
without a settlement. Johnson has frequently stated that the U.K. will get out
of the EU on October 31, leaving limited opportunity to get a deal with

Eurasia Group Mujtaba Rahman
estimate the possibility of a no-deal Brexit has been dropped and that it is
more possible that the administration will agree to achieve a Brexit agreement.
In a note on Tuesday the managing director at Eurasia Group Rahman said, “Johnson
will be under greater pressure to compromise in negotiations with the EU so he
can strike a last-minute deal. However, there is little sign of any meaningful
progress in his talks with EU leaders during his visit to New York.”


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