US and China must comply with each other’s request

Weekly Report - 18/11/2019

US and China must comply with each other’s request


After the United States President Trump’s statements while addressing business leaders at the Economic Club, we expect that the markets will be anticipating a deal to be signed between the US and China regarding the ongoing trade war. However, an important demand must be agreed regarding tariffs if tariffs continue to be fixed and the deal seems to be to yield on the US side, then the investors will probably consider this as another deadlock and the response may well be less than favorable. China will also require to fully express a willingness to say yes to Trump’s requests to lift uncertainties.

Week that was

Last Thursday Credit Suisse reported that the leading electric car maker Tesla has almost 80% share in the US market demand for electric vehicles. Nevertheless, the firm anticipates that Tesla's “unique position” with its Model 3 will face harsh times from another large automaker Ford next year. Dan Levy an analyst in Credit Suisse in a letter delivered to investors said “For all the competition entering the market, we are still awaiting the EV that will be a true competitive threat to Model 3 – especially in the US,” “Tesla has a window of opportunity now with a clear competitive lead.”


Main Focus This Week

It’s a comparatively muted week for the economic calendar, with only 36 stats to monitor during this week.

Investors require to remain calm until tomorrow for the opening of the first circle of the important numbers from the US October building permit and housing start figures. With the housing sector recognized as the gauge of the economic view, and any weak numbers will probably question greenback's power. No other data are coming out on Wednesday, and the focus will be on November’s Philly FED Manufacturing PMI and October existing home sales that are coming out on Thursday.


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