Market Updates

Keep tabs on global current affairs, market reactions and investment opportunities.

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Market Updates


Trading signals are compiled twice daily. Use them to build your investment strategy and refer back regularly to optimize your positions.


Trading involves risk of loss

Economic Calendar

Updated listings of economic events, guaranteed to provide you with up-to-date investment opportunities.

Trading Calculators

Alvexo’s toolbox includes these handy calculators – to help improve your efficiency, evaluate your balance and investments, and make trading much simpler.

  • Currency Converter

    Currency Converter

    Convert currency values easily with our converter – updated in real-time, and based on true market value. Enter your amount, its currency and the target currency below.

  • Profit Calculator

    Profit Calculator

    Assess the profit on a position with precision and speed. The calculator will reference data directly from the trading platform to make your calculations easier and more precise.

  • Margin Calculator

    Margin Calculator

    Determine the required margin for your next position, quickly and safely. The calculator references the asset to access the required data so that you can make your decision without delay.

  • Pip Calculator

    Pip Calculator

    Calculate the value of each pip, and manage your risk strategy. Select currency & asset, enter the desired lot size, and click on the ‘calculate’ button.

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